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1860985_sOne of the key destinations for eco-tourism in sri lanka. Tissa Dagoba stands impressively in the midst of beautiful expanses of paddy fields and it is really attractive lit up at night. If you are in Tissamaharama, never forget a pleasant walk leads along the massive bund (embankment) which encloses the lake’s southern shore, shaded by a procession of majestic old trees.

22100040_sAccording to the history This large restored dagoba looming between Tissa town centre and the wewa is believed to have been originally built around 200 BC by Kavantissa king.The white dagoba has a circumference of 165m and stands 55.8m high. It is thought to have held a sacred tooth relic and forehead bone relic.

Next to the dagoba is a statue of Queen Viharamahadevi known as the most brave queen of Sri Lanka’s history. According to legend, Viharamahadevi was sent to sea by her father, King Devanampiya Tissa, as penance after he killed a monk. Unharmed, the daughter landed at Kirinda, about 10km south of Tissa, and subsequently married Kavantissa. Their son, Dutugemunu, was the Sinhalese hero who liberated Anuradhapura from Indian invaders in the 2nd century BC

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